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What a Difference a Year Makes!

July 2022

July 2021

We were in the throes of a terrible drought here for the past couple of years and things were beginning to look pretty bad for area farmers and ranchers, then in April, we had two epic blizzards exactly a week a part and where we live, dumped about 40 inches of snow on us. Well, being of the midwestern rancher mindset, we commented that this was all good, but we were afraid this was just going to add insult to injury, The two pictures above were taken a year apart from the same place, with just a little change in perspective, but you can see the difference. After the blizzards, we have been receiving generous rainfall at well-spaced intervals. Can you believe it? And, our land, crops, gardens, flowers, and dispositions have been transformed.

July 2021

July 2022

It is past time for me to be writing another blog, I I never intended my blog to be about weather, but living in ND, weather is an important part of our lives. Right now we are in the middle of a humid heat wave, which is supposed to be better in a couple of days, So, a good day to be in my craft room in the basement, working on blogging and sewing.

Pictured above is my latest project. it is not a large quilt, so I think I will stitch in the ditch and finish it all myself. Wish me luck, and if it turns out, I will show you the finished project.

What have I been doing to not have time to do my blog? Here are a few quick photos to give you an idea,

This is a photo of about 1/4 of my yard, plus i mow all around the farmstead, so I do spend quite a bit of time mowing, trimming, etc. We have not had to water - my sprinkler guy who was supposed to show up in May still has not come, but we haven't really needed to run the sprinkler system so far.

Just a quick shot of my daisies to show you how much they are enjoying the moisture, too!

Last weekend was the county fair and Avery's first year showing goats and a heifer. I didn't notice until I uploaded this picture, that the goat was taking a potty break - sorry about that,, maybe adds a little humor.

These little entrepreneurs ran the best little lemonade stand in the west at the county fair and grossed close to $600 with their sweet business skills.

Kalli and Quinn had a Grandma day last week and we went for a four wheeler ride and they (not Grandma) climbed hills and waded in the creek and made mud pies.

This past week we were blessed with a beautiful full moon and I did manage to get a couple quick shots.

Both of these were taken from our deck. It is a good spot to catch sunrises and moonrises, but we are tucked behind a hill, so I miss a lot of fantastic sunsets. Here are a couple shots I took last night on a quick Ranger ride of the setting sun.

Last week, an old (maybe I shouldn't say "old" but we are what we are) college sorority sister and her husband spent the week volunteering for the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation in Medora, so I did get to spend a fun evening the Theodore Roosevelt National Park taking pictures with them, I thought it was pretty neat that they were doing this as my pal had worked in Medora when it was the Gold Seal Company 55 years ago! They currently live in Myrtle Beach, after spending their working years in Connecticut, Below is my favorite photo from my evening with them,

So that is what I have been up to. I was going to write some deep thoughts or embarrassing moments, but will save them for another time, Oh, for you fellow book lovers, let me recommend "Lessons in Chemistry" by Bonnie Garmus. As for television viewing, I do a lot while multitasking, but did take time out yesterday to watch "Snowflake Mountain" on Netflix. I enjoyed it a lot, and it may be a good one to watch with your teenager.


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