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Spring is trying to spring into action here.

After an unusually mild winter, it seems Spring is a little shy this year, but she is teasing us with signs like this.

I was shocked this morning when I decided to do another blog, thinking I was overdue and hadn't done one for a couple of months - well, where did the last three months go? I am back today after a pep talk from my daughter who reassured me that I can write and that she, at least, looks forward to my musings. Anyway, even old women need a kick every once in a while.

I was wondering why I hadn't written for so long. It isn't like I don't have the time or subject matter. I think I am more overwhelmed about choosing what to talk about. One observation I made a day or so ago, is that one of the things I thought I looked forward to about being an old lady was to be able to say what I thought. Ha! Not so much. So you won't be hearing about a lot of things I think, but you should probably be grateful for that!

So what does an old lady in ND do from January through April? This one sews, reads, works on photography, plays on her iPad, watches tv, keeps house, cooks three meals a day for Grandpa (lazy meals, tho), sometimes plays with the grandkids, does bookkeeping, attends social events, keeps appointments, keeps the larder stocked and on it goes. Soon it will be yardening time, yes, yardening. I don't garden and this year I am trying my hand at fake flowers in my flower pots so I don't have to deadhead and water, Here is a picture of one of my first pots. What do you think? I am not minding them, and they haven't frozen yet!

A little over a week ago, I fell down in the mall parking lot in Dickinson - tripped! Damn it!

Besides being mortified, because, after all, I am not that old! But, I did need help getting up and I do have some beautiful bruises to show for it and my knee and shoulder are still complaining. Guess that's life-anyway, after I fell, I went on about my errands; one of which was to pick up a shotgun that I won from the Beach FFA Alumni Raffle. After I finished the background check procedure, the nice young man informed me that my driver's license had expired! In January! Now, I am NOT the kind of person this happens to! Falling down and driving with an expired license! Don't worry, I took care of that the very first chance the following Monday.

Quinn and Garfield - Now that Avery is in track and Kalli is in softball and Hanson is in the field, Grandma meets the school bus, give snacks to and entertains Miss Quinn some afternoons. She is a hoot!

I got permission last week to take pictures from the top of the butte on the East side of Medora, known as Airport Hill by locals, so I had a few wonderful moments looking over my home town and remembering all the times we climbed this butte as kids and roamed all the nooks and crannies. The bust is of Harold Schafer and his son, in memory of one of Harold's first observations of the beauty that is Medora. It has certainly changed a lot since my first memories, but I am pretty happy that we get to share all this beauty that is the North Dakota Badlands and all the history of the Marquis de Mores and his beautiful wife, Medora, not to mention President Theodore Roosevelt.

I haven't given any book recommendations for awhile. It seems everyone is reading "The Women" by Kristin Hannah and I did, too. I enjoyed it a lot and it gave me a different perspective of the Viet Nam War which occurred during my early adulthood. Made me think in terms of how location, age, gender all affect how we perceive current events.

Just finished listening to "Run, Rose, Run" by James Patterson and Dolly Parton. Quite a change of pace and the audible recording was more like listening to a radio drama. I would recommend that, too, for a lighter reading experience.

"The Covenant of Water" by Abraham Verghese is so beautifully written-his skill with writing brings such complete pictures to your mind and the story is so compelling. Some interesting medical and genetic knowledge is to be learned as well

When I started blogging, I thought it might be fun to share some recipes as well. Currently, I am not finding cooking fun or interesting, so no recipes. If things change, I will let you know-I am in my I-Hate-Cooking phase of life.

Oh, if you get a chance, stop by the new Southwest Art Gallery and Science Center in Dickinson. I currently have some photography there on display and for sale. I also plan to put some photos in the Art Show in conjunction of the annual Cowboy Poetry gathering in Medora the end of May.

These two are a peek at my photos on or to be on display.

I have gone on long enough for now, but here is my parting shot for today-this is one of Avery's favorite roosters. What a mug!

I intend to not wait so long to do another blog, but you know what they say about good intentions - TTFN

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