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ETC. And a LOT of It!

Crazy! I think I have been a little crazy the past two weeks or so- I certainly have not let my brain or body rust! This photo is a panoramic I took with my new iPhone. Yes, I got another new phone - just because I wanted to. I also got a new Apple watch to go with it and the same time those arrived I had just switched our TV from Dish Network to Direct TV, via the internet-I am the technology chief in this household, so I was busy setting everything up and getting items ready to send back for credit and so on. But I did it and so far all is going well. We are thinking we may like Direct TV via internet better because it has METV (for Howard,) plus it is user friendly and we do have good internet service here. I believe the picture may even be clearer, which I did not expect at all. Oh, yes, and the main reason for researching and switching, I am saving money-at least $500 per year with more channels,

Speaking of technology - I was thinking about Dick Tracy this morning - anyone else remember how out of this world we thought it was that he had a watch he could talk to? And remember JR Ewing - they had TELEPHONES in their vehicles, and ANSWERING machines in their homes! Oh to be so rich! Nowadays, driving down the road with six old lady friends and a phone rings in the car, it could be for anyone of us. And if it is for the driver, we only have to push a button on the steering wheel to answer. And when we first got TV out here in the boondocks, we had to put an antenna on top of the high hill behind our house and run a cord to the house in order to get three channels, poorly. Then the cows would find and eat the cord....I swear I am not old, but I sure have seen a lot of changes through the years.

Avery and I took a road trip to Fargo to tailgate with the Munds and watch a Bison game. Avery's first time and about my fifth time-this old lady who used to hate football, is becoming a fan-it sure helps to know what a "down" is...

Then there was a big birthday party for Kalli and volleyball games for Avery, as well as 4 wheeler rides with Pepper.

Next, I tried something new- I attended the Badlands Quilting Guild Annual Retreat in Medora over 4 days. Oh, My. Gosh!!!

First was the Million Dollar Quartet show in Medora - If you haven't seen it, be sure to get there if you can. One of the best shows I have ever seen, bar none. They did not allow pictures, so I can't show you any, but it was certainly a fantastic evening.

The next day began the quilting classes. These ladies know how to put on a quilting retreat-at least they call it that. For me, it was quilting boot camp or baptism by fire, but I survived and now have FOUR unfinished quilts to complete. I met wonderful new friends, got re-aquainted with some old friends, and learned so much!

Meet Krista Moser, from the Seattle area, their featured speaker and guest, What a fire cracker and rising star! I wanted to take her home with me. Not only is she cute as can be and an excellent teacher, she is an inspiration and role model. No way can I do her story justice, but she is dyslexic and couldn't even read until she was about twelve, but she could sew, and sew, she did! She was sewing clothes and altering wedding apparel at age 13. Some people cook, using everything but the kitchen sink. She proved to us, that she could sew, even using the kitchen curtains in her designs, when she ran out of fabric. She has a website to order her products and does blogs and U-Tube classes as well. I took two classes from her and was truly inspired. When I finish my projects, I hope to be able to show you what I made.

Probably the biggest thing I learned was that you shouldn't sign up for a class at every slot during the event. They say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!" Well, once I realized that I was not going to finish every project, let alone one project, and relaxed a little, I did survive!

So now I am back in the saddle at home and helped move equipment and got the fridge and pantry restocked. Yesterday I got some entries ready for the Badlands Art Show in Dickinson to be held in November and yesterday and today, ordered some prints, note cards and notebooks to sell at Anna Moe's annual Turkey Trot to be held in Beach the first weekend in November. I also wanted to get a blog done, because I had so much to say, but so little time to say it, so you are spared a lot of details,

As I have said many times, a picture is worth a thousand words. Until next time. TTFN

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