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Time to come out of our holes!

Last week at this time, it was -35 degrees here. Tomorrow it is supposed to get to 50 degrees. How cold was it? It was so cold here, Avery's chickens' eggs were freezing to their bottoms! A new one for me. I was lucky - I didn't have to go out except to work and that involves going to my heated garage, getting in my car and driving to the office and walking about six feet into the building.

I haven't always had it this nice - for years we didn't have a garage, and I would have to plug my vehicle in and hope that it would start. Not to mention the scraping and shoveling! Also, when we had cattle, I was Howard's ranch hand, a job to which I never aspired or excelled, except for rounding up cattle - I am really good at that and drive a mean 4-wheeler.

Yesterday was a nice, sunny day, so I hopped into my car with my morning coffee and cameras and headed for Theodore Roosevelt National Park, a half hour's drive from my house. As I crossed the cattle guard entering the park I spotted a handsome elk. "There's my sign!" I thought to myself.

So of course I stopped and got a few shots of him, then proceeded up the hill toward the first prairie dog town. As soon as I topped the ridge, there was a giant bald eagle in a tree. He was not interested in posing for my, however, so I had to content myself with a few prairie dog shots - they were out and and enjoying the sunshine!

As a magpie flew in front of my vehicle, I spotted this old bison bull warming his old bones in the sunshine just off the road.

I knew already this was going to be a great day, after a couple of weeks of being in 'my hole." As I continued through the park, I saw many more bison, two bands of horses, a flock of robins, a porcupine, a cottontail and a deer. There is also a new coal vein burning in a spot easily seen from the road.

So take a drive, go for a walk, take down your Christmas lights, enjoy the nice weather! Have some fun!

And remember the sun always comes up, and this morning, I could definitely tell that it has moved a long ways north already, as I took this photo out my front door.

I hope that you enjoy my ramblings and that you will read, share and comment on anything that you like or don't like, or help me with ideas or improving. TTFN

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