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Time Flies When You're Having Fun - Evidently!

Wow, guess I have been slacking! Almost two months since my last blog when we were in the middle of an epic blizzard. Evidently the blizzards broke our drought cycle and we have been enjoying some fantastic, gentle rains. The countryside could not be more beautiful-to say we are covered in emerald greens would not be an exaggeration. In the above photo, Pepper is relaxing in one of my shrubs in my yard, and I thought she made a good lawn ornament.

Yesterday was a good example of what my life as a retired lady is like. I got up, got Howard fed and his lunch packed, had my morning coffee and headed to the basement to see if I could get my new computer set up and going. I did, and I love it! Wasn't sure if I "needed" it, but I can tell, just doing my blog this morning,that it is going to be way better! I also needed to wipe clean my old iMac to send it in for trade-in. That was a little more complicated and involved a call to tech support, but got it done, and it is now boxed and waiting for our awesome UPS man to pick it up and send it on its way.

While I was waiting for various computer operations, I cut out a new quilt I plan to make. Stay tuned, Hope to show you the fruits of my labors soon, I was also tying together loose ends of my bookkeeping in preparation for my appointment with our accountant later in the afternoon, I then drove to Dickinson, indulged myself at the Bath and Beauty Store, had super nachos for lunch and then met with our accountant.

That went better than expected, but the IRS is a nightmare these days, so I suspect that the easy part is over. I am still waiting for issues from my taxes since 2018 and on to be resolved, From there, I went to Walmart where I picked up grocery orders for both myself and my DIL, If you haven't ever done the on-line ordering and pickup up from Walmart, it is the only way to shop (in my opinion.) From there,it was on to Runnings to pick up 10 gallons of Roundup for Hanson and arrange to meet up with a guy to pick up a computer for Dan (the new Dakota Insurance Owner). With the price of gas these days, all the trips we can help people save is valuable. Next was the drive home, meet up with Dan to deliver the computer, go to DIL's to drop off groceries, deliver Roundup to Hanson, and unload and put away my groceries.

It was at least 7 pm and I was waiting for Howard to come in for supper, when he came in and announced that our services were needed moving cattle to a different pasture. Not bragging, but I am a good cow hand on a 4-wheeler and we got the job done and I enjoyed the green pastures and running creek. Such a wonderful change from last year! Then, I made supper and shortly after, was tucked away in bed.

I guess this is retirement, but I am blessed to be able to do these things. There are many people our age in nursing homes or grave yards.

This is just a shot at Memorial Day on our annual visit to the Medora Cemetery to put flowers on Mom and Uncle Bud's graves. Thought it was sweet to take a picture of my mom's granddaughter and three of her great granddaughters remembering her.

View of Medora from the cemetery - you can see what a beautiful green it is this year!

Just a scenic shot taken in the park Memorial Weekend. They are finally beginning to fix the road out there so I am looking forward to that being done.

Our very special Quinn celebrated her golden birthday this year as she was 5 on June 5!

Here she is with a couple of her presents. The quilt in the back, was one of her gifts from yours truly.

Before I go, here is a delicious, easy recipe, tested by me and on my family. I will be making it again as it was a hit and it does keep really well in the fridge.


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