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Pepper Is Our Hero and Buddy, and Yes, Sometimes a PITA!

Pepper is our family dog. Yes, Grandma got it for the grandkids, but luckily for her, Pepper likes her, too, and generously shares herself among all the family members. She came to live with us as a puppy just over eight years ago.

This is what she looked like the day we got her. I drove almost to Grand Forks, ND to get her and was a little worried about the trip back that far with a young pup, but she let me know right away that she would not tolerate riding in the back of the car, alone, and as soon as I put her up front with me, she went to sleep on the console and was the perfect companion all the way home, even going potty when allowed outside.

Today, Pepper does not feel very well, but she is getting better by the hour. Last night, she had an encounter with a rattlesnake. This is one of the many reasons we love her so much. She lets us know when and where there is a snake and will not leave until she or someone else has taken care of it. Last night she received her first bite, poor thing, but she has seen the vet and is at Grandma Day Care today. She is eating, drinking and resting.

This photo is not of a rattlesnake, but she is not prejudiced against any particular snake, although after last night, she may hate rattlesnakes a little more. When you have snakes and young children, a dog, a protector, like Pepper is invaluable.

To me, she is not a PITA (pain in the a _ _), but sometimes with livestock she can be a little over ambitious, but she and we are all a work in progress, and she has gotten so that she can be a big help when we are moving cattle as well. She loves to ride on the 4-wheeler or in the Ranger with me, or whomever will let her (I always do), and we have lots of adventures together and she is great company.

She bugs Grandpa by always barking when anyone starts any motor - she doesn't bark when anyone comes into the yard. But he has been known to spend a lot of time teasing her about getting her to guess where he is going next....some of us never grow up......

I love Pepper and am so glad that it looks like she will be fine after this rattlesnake adventure. I was planning to write a blog today, but not this, so look for another one from me soon. I have had a lot going on lately. TTFN

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I was hoping for a Pepper feature but am sorry it took a bite to push you! (JK) Love, love, love all the accompanying photos!


I sure hope Pepper gets better. Glad she seems to be on the mend. Its amazing she hasn't gotten bitten before this.

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