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Losing Loved Ones is Hard

It seems we are losing so many we loved and admired, but I guess that is part of the age I am at. Pictured above is Betty Cornell, our backdoor neighbor in Medora for many years. She recently passed on after 98 beautiful years, I can remember watching Ted and her move into the house right behind ours, and then began many years of memories, She and my mom got along great and had many, many goods visits over coffee and even went into business together operating the cafe at the Rough Riders Hotel back before it was purchased by Harold Schafer. They were both wonderful, old-fashioned cooks and their dishes and baked goods were loved by many.

I worked as a waitress for them at the cafe, I suppose I was 12-14 years old at the time. This experience taught me patience, organizational skills, how to remember orders and routines, people skills, and oh, so much! Betty was mother to nine children, seven of whom grew to adulthood and all have been successful in their own right. I can remember the youngest three being brought home from the hospital, So, to say Betty was a hard worker, is an understatement. Anyone who is raising or has raised a family can attest to that, Not only was she busy as a mother, but she almost always was working somewhere as a cook.

I could probably write a book about Betty and her family, but I will just share one of my favorite memories and one of my favorite recipes of hers, For 20 years, I managed the Farmers and Merchants Bank Station in Medora. Her husband, Ted, was the county sheriff, so the burger alarm for the bank was wired into his bedroom, (High tech, right?) So anyway, the procedure if I ever accidentally set off the alarm, was for me to go outside in front of the bank so that when law enforcement came, they would know I was okay. Well, it was bound to happen and one day, I accidentally tripped the alarm. I went out in front of the bank to wait for the sheriff. (At that time, Ted was THE LAW in Billings County. He did not even have any deputies, and Medora did not have police except for in the summers.)

After a few minutes, I spotted Cornell's little gray Honda coming down the street, As it pulled up, the window rolled down, and there was Betty in her pink foam curlers, "Are you ok, Bobby?" she asked. "Ted was in the bathroom and asked me to come check on you!" Truly, a 'you know you are in a small town when' story!

As a post script, many times I was confused with being one of her "kids." I was aways flattered, and even Betty mistook a photo of her daughter Sarah, as a picture of our daughter, Krista, so I guess maybe there is even a resemblance. Maybe from being such close neighbors

Here is the recipe I promised to share-I remember it as being so special! I just bought a bar of German Sweet Chocolate and plan to make it one day soon, as I reminisce about Betty, It is a little bit of a PITA, but so worth it!

From cakes to toads-holy cow, have we got toads! We usually have quite a few around our yard, but this year we have a bumper crop. They seem late this year, but a lot of things have been. Toad hunting, collecting, observing and then releasing, has been a fun pastime for all of our granddaughters So much fun to watch them study and play with them. I am not exaggerating, though, yesterday when I was mowing the lawn, toads were literally hopping away from my mower in herds! There was times when I could see a dozen at a time. Slowed me down a little, as I really hate to hurt the little buggers, they really help with insect control!

Super Easy Peach Kuchen

This is one of my favorites and super easy and since it is peach season, I thought I would share.

If yours looks different than mine, I made a mistake when I made the one I photographed and mixed the sugar and cinnamon into the egg yolks and cream. I did put a little sugar and cinnamon on the peaches and baked it for the 15 minutes and then poured the mixture on and baked it the rest of the time. It is great either way, but I think best if you follow the directions!!

I grabbed this shot of Howard moving the track hoe the other evening. I am loving my iPhone pictures! Be sure to give your phones a chance to take some great pictures. Here is another of a sunset that I took night before last.

And for your reading or listening pleasure, this week I am recommending "The Lincoln Highway" by Amor Towles,


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