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And So It Begins...or Ends....

School starts today - and summer vacation (vacation?) ends. I think a lot of us are in shock, even this grandma. Last fall, I purchased a motor home, dreaming of all the tours I and we would take this summer. Ha! Haven't used it yet! At least Hanson and his family got some good use out of it for a couple trips, but Grandpa and I have just been too busy! I thought when you retired, you would be looking for things to do. Not so much. Although I have retired from my 'paying' job, Grandpa has not, and he still seems to be one of the area's most popular dirt movers,

I have a big yard to take care of and a farmstead to mow, house to take care of, damn cooking to do, along with helping with machinery moving, parts runs, babysitting, social obligations, hobbies to pursue and on it goes.

We have had the pleasure of the company of our high school senior granddaughter from Fargo for the summer. She has been working at the Chateau de Mores and also helping with all the 'other' grandkids during her off days. She will be leaving in just a few days as her school starts next week, Today is the last day of her Music Camp she has been attending in Medora and I will be going to her concert this afternoon. She plays viola and the camp is conducted by world class instructors from UND. I attended their instructors' recital on Sunday and was simply blown away by the beautiful music.

Ok, I am back, just got interrupted to go help move a tractor. Here is proof. This afternoon, I have to pick Quinn up from school in Beach and go to Noelle's concert in Medora. Just a normal day in the life of a retiree, right?

Just a little more about the experience of having a 17 year old granddaughter from Fargo spend the summer with Grandma and Grandpa on the ranch-I have enjoyed it so much! I told her the other day that she hadn't gotten on my nerves once! Believe me, that is a compliment! She is so interested in history, she even arranged for us to get a special tour at the Heritage Center in Bismarck to look at some of Great Grandpa Einar's art work in the archives. Here is a sample of some of his art that we got to see up close and personal.

This is Noelle, painting rocks....she got to do so many things here that they don't do in Fargo - barn chores, feeding calves, goats, sheep, chickens, cats, birthing baby goats, seeing a rattlesnake bitten dog and the dead snake, seeing Hanson and Pepper dispatch a raccoon, taking younger cousins to swimming lessons, going to a small county fair, riding 4-wheelers, going through country summer thunder storms, driving dirt roads to work, taking tourists through the Chateau on tours, photographing the Badlands, hiking, and on and on....I think she had a good summer, and we are so proud of her!

In July, I had the honor of being invited to the Dickinson Chamber of Commerce's Banquet in a Field - that was a wonderful experience and so impressive with North Dakota food being featured and served in a wonderful cornfield, farm venue. If you ever have the chance to go, don't miss the opportunity!

Here is just a little county fair fun for you to see. The girls did great at the fair, learned a lot, and had lots of fun.

Summer would not be complete without a trip or two to the Medora Musical. Here is what I think is kind of a neat picture that I took with just my iPhone.

I could go on and on today, but I had better quit writing before you quit reading. So I will sign off with just a few more photos.


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