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50 Years Ago!

I can’t believe that I am old enough to say that, but here I go! Fifty years ago, I was editor of the student newspaper at Dickinson State University. Setting up a web site and a blog yesterday got me thinking about how much publishing has changed in the last 50 years. At first I thought I would tell you about the process of producing a paper back then, but I decided I would probably lose readers in the first paragraph. Let me say, it basically was nothing like using a computer nowadays!

I was compelled to dig out my bound copies of The Western Concept to see if I could find some great inspiration...I probably found too much! Here are three photos of pages

from the newspaper in October, 1969.

So, wow! I could discuss all sorts of things that have changed so much over the years. Note the team name, the costumes of the homecoming king and queen, discussion of the Vietnam War, and whether we should have telephones in our dorm rooms!

Why did I ever think I might have trouble finding things to talk about? i think it would be very interesting to see comments and thoughts on what I have shown you this morning as see where this goes?

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