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Working up a sweat at 35 degrees below zero!

Last week, I said I was starting to clean and organize my craft/sewing room in the basement. Today I am announcing that I am pretty much done! I figure it took me at least 12 hours of sorting, ironing and folding fabric, putting away and cleaning up. This room in our basement used to be a coal bin and furnace room! When we got a new furnace, and I got new kitchen cabinets, I had some of my old cabinets moved down here and we finished off this room. I didn’t really plan it for a sewing room, I thought it would be more of a hobby room for Howard. Don’t know what I was smoking! He doesn’t need a hobby room - he has a whole shop! Once I set up my sewing machine down here, the rest was history, but a pretty messy one! It turns out that an old coal bin is a great sewing room! I put music on and start playing with fabric and pretty soon I forget the weather and even what time of day it is!

I am so excited to get my new machine and start playing with all the fabric I forgot I had! It was pretty therapeutic, actually looking at, and handling each piece of fabric and making a mental note of what I had. I am envisioning some great projects!

While I sorted, ironed and folded each piece of fabric, I listened on Audio Books, to the newest Kristen Hannah book, “The Four Winds.” This was a wonderful book about life in America during the Great Depression and the “Dirty Thirties!” Her characters were wonderfully developed and her plot was riveting. Her descriptions of the terrible dust storms and poverty at that time are powerful and so thought provoking. I highly recommend this book. I have read several others by her as well, and have always really enjoyed them.

Last night I dreamed about these cookies, in case anyone wants a really good cookie recipe that I got from Helen Ulfers many years ago. You roll these in balls and make a depression in them and fill with the topping and then bake. They are soooo good!

That’s all I have in me today, I am pretty much organized out for now and tomorrow it is back to the office for me. Wednesday, I have a sewing class tho, which I am pretty excited about. TTFN.

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I am impressed with your sewing room. You are making me feel lazy, I need to cleanup what I call an office, then a storage room. It has been very cold.

Me gusta
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