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To Everything There Is A Season

I think my blog today will probably turn out to be a bunch of random thoughts from an unadmitted old lady. As I go about my daily duties, I find myself asking whether this or that thing would be a good subject for my blog. If you have been reading my blogs so far, you are probably used to my meanderings and know that you never know what I might talk about. This morning, as I wondered where September went, I scrolled back through my pictures taken during the month, and I realized that I have been busy! One of my favorite quotes is from (as many of you know) one of my favorite people-Elvis Presley.

He said, "People need three things to be happy: Something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love," I have been abundantly blessed with all three! Another of my thoughts lately is that I think I miss writing letters and that must be why I have the urge to blog. It is also probably why I feel like my blogs sound like letters. So be it.

Just had to post this photo as it shows three things: that the leaves are turning, that my husband is a very talented dirt-mover (he built the location for this house in Medora and I think it is beautiful) and that the Badlands are always beautiful, no matter the season.


Ok, I have a Quinn story to tell you - Quinn is my five year old granddaughter that I have the best conversations with. You may have to think a little like a rancher for this one. As Quinn and I were eating lunch yesterday, I asked her about school as she has just started kindergarten. She has a rather unusual class situation with only two girls and about 14 boys. I asked if any more girls had joined her class or if it was still just the two girls. No, it was still just the two girls. Then she asked me, "What if there were 100 boys and five girls?" I said, "Wow! What do you think?"

She replied, "The boys would probably fight over the girls!" But she wasn't done there, she asked me, "If you had three bulls, how many cows would you need?" I put on my ranch wife cap and said, "Probably about 125."

Then she asked "What if you had 100 bulls? How many cows would you need?"

Can you tell this child has spent a lot of time in the pastures with her dad? And she may have kind of a mixed up idea of gender ratios in human beings. Time will tell. Oh, and another quick one, she was pretending she was a female deer and that her "husband" deer was named Elvis Presley. Can you tell she's been around Grandma quite a bit, too?

I got to go tailgating in Fargo again a couple of weeks ago! This is three generations of us!

I just like this picture,

I talked about Quinn, so I am posting a couple of shots of Kalli.

And Avery turned 13 in September! Now they have a teenager already!

The end of this week is the big one! For over 30 years, yes, thirty years, I have been making an annual ladies weekend trip to Deadwood with dear friends. And this is the week! Sounds like our numbers are up to seven this year, so we are getting a little bigger rig than my Durango, but I will still be the DD. We used to make jokes on our way down there and back about still doing this when we got old....some are 80 years of age now, but we are NOT OLD!

Home sweet home. I have lived here now for almost 50 years. The ranch and our family represent many great, hardworking years. The barn is over 110 years old and we have tried to take good care of it.

A deer picture just because I like it. I like the deer and the fact that we had grass this year!

I do love sunrises and have discovered that I like getting up early even when I don't have to go to "work!"

I have a weakness for technology so I HAD to get the newest iPhone. This is the first photo I tried, I don't usually like selfies, but this didn't depress me too much!

Oh yes! And finally for this blog, an announcement. I have ordered my 2023 Calendars and they should be here soon. The title this year is "Nature.Naturally." You can contact me if you are interested in getting one, some, or many, They will be $25 again this year and that includes tax, but not postage.

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Wendy Kleker
Wendy Kleker
Sep 27, 2022

Love your meanderings!


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