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These are the products of baby boomer parents!

These are my “kids” I was saying yesterday, I don’t remember much about Halloween as a child, but I sure bet that my kids do! I am thinking that Halloween must have really evolved into what it has become today in the 70’s and 80’s. I would love to see more photos of “big kids” celebrating Halloween or hear some of your Halloween memories!

One particular memory of mine that comes to mind, is that bringing up kids in Medora, was pretty neat and in general, the kids were pretty darned good. My example, one year Margaret Just, a friend of mine, teased Krista (my daughter) about why the kids didn’t do any pranks on Halloween, like papering or soaping....

Krista’s eyes widened as she had never even thought of such ”terrible” things, so goaded by Margaret, she and a couple friends (they were probably pre-teens) at the time, pranked Margaret’s grazing association office building. Before anyone even knew they had done this, a couple of their other friends who weren’t in on the plan, came along and quickly un-did all their pranks, so they wouldn’t get in trouble!

As they say, ”It takes a village,”. Happy 🎃 👻 Halloween!

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