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The weather here is more like Christmas this year than Halloween.

But the weather man says it should be in the fifties by then! I sure hope he’s right! I read a cute quote the other day that said, “I don’t know why we need to observe Halloween this year since we have been wearing masks and eating candy for weeks!”

So in the spirit of Halloween, I played with a photo of an old church in a ghost town in SD. Do you think this would fit the bill?

I also played with a few more older photos today, that I will share. See you don’t need to be able to go out and take new photos always! You can edit, change or update some old ones!

A wild horse from TRNP last summer.

A shot of the SD Badlands that I took a year ago.

One more of the SD Badlands. It was really cloudy and rainy when I was there, so I am hoping to get back sometime when the weather is better and try again!

Now, my cooking tip for the day...super easy and delicious beef roast. Tonight I had a roast from an old bull, and it was excellent! All you do, is put the roast in the crock pot with a stick of butter and one package of dry Liptons onion soup mix. Add no water or anything else! Put the cover on and ignore it for about 6 hours on high!

For an extra special treat, we had homemade lefsa fresh from Kristy’s (DIL) kitchen! Yes, she and Anna Moe are busy gearing up for lefsa season. I plan to do a blog on lefsa making one day soon.

i am done for today. I hope people enjoy my rambles and photos.....Bobby

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