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Stay Flexible!

At my age, I may not be too physically flexible but I believe I have always been pretty flexible otherwise. Take this morning. I had big plans to wash clothes, do some house cleaning chores and maybe do some more sewing , plus throw in a little “me” time. I threw all my throw rugs in the washer, got dressed, made Howard his usual breakfast, packed his lunch, and was just getting ready to make my coffee, when it was hinted that it would be nice if I went on a parts run to Bismarck. If you know me at all, you know I like to get in a vehicle and drive by myself, so I took the hint and volunteered to make the run! I was also planning how to grab a few groceries while on the errand. So, I got the bed made and changed into my “going to town” clothes, threw my rugs into the dryer, and then there was a strange noise and a strange smell!

Well, I guess I wasn’t going to dry my rugs or finish my laundry any time soon! My clothes dryer is very sick! So, I gathered my gear, (purse, phone, coat, coffee, grapes, gloves, mask, hand sanitizer, check to pay for parts, sunglasses and grocery list) got into the pickup and headed out.

I had a lovely trip, good roads, and got all caught up on politics on the way to Bismarck. Stopped at the parts place and settled up, used the rest room, went thru a drive up and grabbed lunch and headed west again! About Richardton my low fuel warning came on, and interrupted my Dr Laura show, so I stopped and gassed up! It was only 20 degrees outside and there was a stiff breeze blowing! Yuk! Can’t wait for the weekend-supposed to be in the 50’s!

Could not get an on line order in on time to do the easy grocery shopping, so I donned my mask and sallied into Wallyworld! Had an easy, uneventful experience there, got all my necessities and headed for home! Oops, almost forgot, went thru a coffee drive thru and got a coffee and supper for me!

On the way home, I managed to call the dryer repair man and I may have hit the jackpot as he may make it tomorrow! Another wonder of our new technology, he wanted me to text him a photo of the dryer model info, so when I got home, I did that, plus as a bonus, I sent him a video to give him the sound effects!

Got the groceries all put away, sent a text to the repair man, checked my emails,

Facebook and the stock market, watched my soap opera, cooked Howard’s supper and now I have my feet up and hopefully, I am not boring too many readers....

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