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Opinions. Everyone has them....

I have learned with my photography habit, that everyone has an opinion on a photo. I agree with some and some I don’t, but photography and art are subjective (based on personal feelings, tastes or opinions, contrasted with objective, which is not based on personal feelings or opinions).

So where am I going with this? I was listening to Dr. Laura while driving the other day, and a couple had called her because they had been spending way too much time together because of COVID, and to top it off, they were on opposing sides politically! Getting right to the point, she basically told them to remember that no one is ever 100% right or 100% wrong. I thought this was a fantastic comment, and one that we should all think about.

She told the couple that every time they disagreed about politics, they should have sex or at least kiss passionately! I think that this mental picture will help me when I think I am right and someone else is wrong. I won’t be thinking about kissing them ,but it will help me remember than NONE of us have all the same facts or life experiences that affect how we feel about issues.

Now that I have preached my sermon for the day, I think I will retire to the basement where I will sew and listen to old country music and think some more deep thoughts.

If you are wondering why I posted this photo today, it is because I made the collage for a customer and I like it too. If anyone else is interested in purchasing a copy, just send me a message.

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