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My Apologies....

In my last blog, I ruminated on how fast time goes by. My intention is to write at least one blog a month - I knew I was behind, but my last one was in February! Holy Crap! So does this mean that 4 months at age 75 is equal to one month in real time? I must be having fun, right?

It was still winter when I last wrote a blog and I just looked through my photos to see what the heck had been going on in the last four months, and I guess I figured it out. We had art shows, kids concerts, confirmation, birthdays, ball games, some road trips, normal chores, quilting, and on and on.

I had fun making three t-shirt quilts for a friend, sewed a baby quilt as a gift and made several jean bags out of Grandpa's old Levi's. I did purchase a second sewing machine, so that I could be a little more mobile and not have to worry about being "without" one. I made up some note cards and post cards which I now offer for sale, entered a couple of photo contests and participated in a couple of art shows.

Now it is the time of year to keep busy with yard work and outdoor activities. What a beautiful spring we had! Here's hoping for a great summer!

This summer, our second oldest granddaughter, Noelle, from Fargo, is staying with us and working at the Chateau de Mores in Medora. I think she is having quite the experiences for a Fargo gal. This morning, she had the day off and was enlisted to take chickens to the fair grounds for blood tests for the upcoming county fair!

A week ago, Howard and I drove to Nebraska to the Red Power Rally in Grand Island. We were gone four days, which is a very long time for us, but we enjoyed all the new sights and the nice drive.

I am not going to get very deep into any topics today, I will just hope this breaks the ice for me and I will get another blog done very soon - not in four months again! TTFN

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