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Life is a journey

As you grow older, you realize that you are on one big journey, or adventure, and you are the main character in your story. You are not a passive participant, however. You get to write the adventure. It is up to you to make it exciting or calm, interesting or boring, happy or sad. As you choose your paths, you don’t always know where they will take you and that is part of the adventure. But, if you are careful, choose wisely and try to learn as you go, it will be so fun and exciting. Yes, I realize “fun and exciting‘ mean different things to different people. You have to do what is fun and exciting for you. What is fun and exciting in your twenties is not always fun and exciting later in life. This is part of the process. You need to keep exploring, learning and growing.

We don’t know what is over the next hill or around the next bend, unless we are moving always in the same old rut. If you want your story to be interesting, you need to get off “your beaten path!” So do something different, learn something new, make a new acquaintance. Get off your beaten path!

I am writing this to myself as much as I am to any reader. We all need to consider the paths our stories will take. I am in the process of taking a new path in my life. I am making acquaintance with retirement. To many people, this word conjures much joy and anticipation. To others it is somewhat scary. We have always known what we would be doing day to day. Now life seems to unfold before us like a new journal that we have to fill and we have to choose how we fill it. I would like mine to be different, to be fun, to be interesting, creative and long! Writing this blog is one of my ways of being creative. I have spent the last 50 years in banking and insurance. Now is my chance to see if I have any creative bones in my body.

We can’t always see what the path ahead is like, but that’s when we have to have faith in God and in ourselves. We need to get out of our comfort zones and just try new things!

There is usually much more beauty than we realize in our journeys. We need to open our eyes and ourselves to what we can and must do to be happy and fulfilled.

Now I am going to go down to my basement and start creating a new space for my creativity. Stay tuned!

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