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Let them eat cake.....

If you are feeling stressed by Covid, the election, the weather, you name it , how about some cake? Chocolate. And made out of mashed potatoes! That should have medicinal properties, right? So I made a chocolate cake this weekend and also cleaned out the fridge at the same time. I had some left over mashed potatoes that were even of the instant variety and used them in the recipe. Idahoan Buttery Homestyle, for you people who like details.

And best of all, it is delicious!

It was also easy to make out of common household ingredients. I don’t think it would qualify as low calorie or gluten free, however! Here is the recipe!

And here are the directions...

I am working on retiring (it is a process for me), and so far, have been enjoying more time at home. I have been sewing - making these cute little bags:

Have also been cleaning and organizing. Has anyone been watching “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo? It makes me want to be organized like her, but I have not quite started that yet, but I would say, stay tuned....I think it’s going to happen!

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