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Less is More

Or so this is what “organization experts” tell us! Pictured above is my dish rag/towel drawer, newly ”organized” and I am quite proud of it! Never thought I would brag about an organized dish towel drawer, but here I am! Hoping to be able to brag, in the future, about many more nooks and crannies being cleaned out and organized. Seventy plus years of living seem to have filled my house with “stuff.” Some stuff I love and will put on display or in a safe place. Stuff I need, I plan to sort and organize. “A place for every thing, and every thing in it’s place,” as I was lectured as a child.

I recently ordered a new sewing machine. I was discovering that I have much more patience for sewing in my senior years, that I enjoy the creative process and a finished, solid product. I have also learned that having a place and space that is all mine to do what I want, when I want, and not have to put it away or clean it up between times is invaluable. My old sewing machine was over 15 years old, which didn’t seem old to me, but seemed to lack features I was beginning to yearn for. So, I rationalized that I ‘needed’ a new, fancier machine. And so I did the deed and ordered a new Bernina with an embroidery module. It seems they lost a shipment of machines in a shipwreck and sewing has become a very popular hobby during this pandemic, so I was told, it would be weeks to months before my new machine arrived. So, I thought, “ fine, I sill have my old one and this will give me time to get ’organized‘!” Plus, I was told many women have two or even more machines! Can you believe it?

So, one week after I ordered my new machine, mine broke. I thought it probably just needed servicing, but it is really broke and, I guess, terminal. Always said I was psychic! Anyway, I am now in the process or sorting and organizing my sewing room. Yesterday, with my morning coffee, I was perusing Facebook, and enjoying a quilters group, when someone asked how other sewers organized their stashes. Wow, talk about a timely topic! I studied a few comments and photos and headed to the basement to ‘get organized!‘ I spent most of yesterday getting ready to get my sewing room organized, but every step feels so good! I will share photos as I proceed.

This photo is a “before” photo. Hopefully, will look different in a few hours! First I have to cut up about four more pair of old Levi’s which I hope to turn into amazing bags and quilts. I have discovered that, cut up, they take up much less room!

This is four pair of uncut Levis.

This is a 14x20 basket with about 7 pairs of cut up jeans. Fun, huh?

So, I am taking my time, and planning to be sooooo organized. Stay tuned, I will show you next week, what I have accomplished.

In closing, here is a pretty sunrise from my front door one day last week. (I have to also feed my photography addiction.)

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