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Lazy, Crazy Days of Summer Are Here! More crazy than lazy.

This grandma has had a very busy last couple of months and could use a little 'lazy' in her life. This week is supposed to be very hot, so maybe I will hermitize in my house-except for the fair activities I need to take in, Yes, it is that time of year again. Already, And all I need to do is go to it, and it makes me tired. Our grandkids and their parents, however, are in it up to their ears. The livestock training, washing, and trimming is in full swing. Baked goods are being baked and photos are being chosen and mounted for judging.

Caught Avery the other night just after her steer's bath and walk.

I am still trying to recover from my fall in the mall parking lot in Dickinson-I do finally have an appointment to get my shoulder checked about the first of August. Maybe I will be better by then and not have to go. That has been somewhat of a damper on my activity level, but not much. Took my motor home on it's maiden voyage a couple of weeks to South Dakota to celebrate Krista's 50th birthday with her and Noelle(daughter and granddaughter.) Camping went well -we stayed at Nemo Guest Ranch and I highly recommend it, if you want a beautiful, quiet place to stay with very friendly, helpful staff. We took driving and photography tours, rented ATV's and rode for a day, and spent a day in Deadwood. Some of us were fascinated by all the history and others, the casinos....

Had another 'first' this past weekend. My sister was here and we were invited on an ATV trailride. We went up on Sentinel Butte, through our pasture and down the West River Road and back to almost Golva where we enjoyed a great picnic hosted by the Hardys. Here is my favorite photo of the day-probably because I am jealous of her agility. Here is Grandma Michelle, getting out of the back of a Ranger.

And here are a couple more shots from the day.

If you look closely at the above photo, you can see the 15 or so ATV's headed across out pasture.

I met a new friend the other day on Facebook-some other old-timers from this area may remember Bea Peterson from Daglum ND. She was a very well know lady from ND who made her mark in politics and in writing about rural life in ND. Bea has passed, but her daughter ran across one of my posts of photos of the area and messaged me. She has compiled a book of her mother's writings, etc. and had it published. It is called "West of the Wide Missouri" and can be purchased on Amazon.

I have purchased this book and am enjoying the memories it brings back. Am also looking forward to meeting her daughter, Debra Mundt, later this summer when she plans to visit this area.

Speaking of books, if you are looking or something different and kind of funny, be sure to read "Someone Else's Shoes" by Jojo Moyes. An interesting perspective on life and a fun ride!

Another good read is "The Frozen River" by Arie Lawhan and "The Orchardist" by Amanda Coplin. Both will give you a good reading experience. I did a LOT of driving this past month, so listened to them on audible. Frozen River is about a midwife back in the 1700's and the Orchardist is about a secluded bachelor back in the 1800's discovering two young, starving and pregnant girls living in the woods near him.....

I need to cut this short, and make lunch, but here are just a few more shots from the last month or so.

I know I could say a lot more, but they always say, "Leave while you are still having fun!" - So I will! TTFN

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