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Just Pretend

Just pretend I painted this picture - I didn't. I took it with my cell phone 5 years ago, but, if I could paint, I would like to try this...I think it looks more like a painting than a photo because it isn't very clear, but it accurately shows the beautiful fall colors of the badlands of North Dakota.

Growing up, I was always told that, "If you can't say something good, don't say anything at all!" I think that is why I haven't written a blog since August First. It has been so hot and so dry and so smoky for so long, Covid has morphed and is rearing its ugly head again, or is it politics? Hard to tell these days. Anyway, we have to face that we are getting old and if we want to keep on getting old, we had better somewhat mind our p's and q's. The news on the TV and radio is going from bad to worse, but I will remember my childhood lesson, and not say anything bad in this blog.

I have been getting acquainted with my new sewing machine, and currently have a couple projects under way, This first one is a quilt- as- you- go. My first, and as you can see, not perfect, but I am liking the patterns and colors. Hopefully, I will like the finished product enough to share it with you.

This quilt is made out of old blue jeans - I started with eight inch squares and then discovered I had cut the rest of my denim into five inch I invented my own pattern. I am planning this as a knock around kind of quilt anyway and it is my first denim quilt, so another learning experience. I still need to put the back on it and finish it.

It finally cooled off here just a few days ago - it went from well over 100 degrees to a high of 50 degrees! We actually got some rain - maybe a half inch, so not a lot, but enough to perk us up. I usually feel time is going too fast, but this year I am looking forward to August being done.

When I sit down to write my blog, I often don't know what I am going to write about and I am guessing you can tell that today. I like to think I am a positive person, but this year, I am positive that August sucked.

Here is a nice, fat prairie dog to chuckle at - one of my favorite prairie dog pictures.

I love to photograph this tree in Theodore Roosevelt National Park - This photo was taken five years ago, but the tree is still there. It just hasn't been this pretty lately with all the smoke and drought.

Pepper is always a cheerer-upper. I took this picture 5 years ago - too bad we don't all age like her!

So, I still haven't been inspired to write much, but doing this has cheered me up and now I will get back to sewing and "stuff." TTFN

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