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It's a Zoo Out There!

I have been visiting Fargo pretty regularly for the past thirty years, since our daughter started college at NDSU, graduated, got married and now resides there with her family. I had never visited the Red River Zoo until this past Sunday. It was a beautiful sunny day and the zoo is truly beautiful. It features mostly exotic animals not native to North America, but also has some exhibits showing North Dakota farm life. The grounds are immaculately kept and beautifully landscaped and the animals there seem to living a pretty nice life. Here are just a few of the residents.

No, he is not exotic, but he does have character!

I don't remember what this guy is, but he is not from this neck of the woods!

Some of the beautiful scenic landscaping. I wish my yard could look like this!

This is a red panda - he was either sleeping or too active to catch a good shot!

This is my daughter at a giant picnic table - no, she is not a resident - just modeling the table!

I don't remember the guy's name, either, but he seemed kind of sweet!

This is an Australian Kookaburra - I think he's cute, plus I collect the silver Kookaburra coins.

This is not the greatest picture, but right here you almost felt like you were in the Louisiana swamps. No alligators tho....

This is on our way out. What a beautiful visit and one I would highly recommend.

On Saturday we shopped at Hobby Lobby where I left a good share of my monthly allowance. What a fun place to shop and now I have some Bunco prizes, frames and mats for my photos and some crafts to do with my little Friday visitor.

I had been seeing ads for a new edition of a Skecher shoe, which are my favorites, so I wanted to visit a store and actually try some on, and lo and behold, Fargo has a Skecher store. I now also have two new pair of Arch Fit Skechers! I think I am gonna love them!

To add icing to the cake, we then stopped by Happy Joe's and purchased my all time favorite taco pizza! All in all, a wonderful weekend spend with my best daughter and family.

Bobby's Books

I would also like to give you a couple of recommendations of books to read or listen to. I go through a lot of books and hardly ever find any I don't like, but some I enjoy and remember more than others,

Here are two: You Should Have Known by Jean Hand Korelitz - Such good read- this book has a different plot and the characters are so well developed, although there are very few of them. If you like psychology and mystery, this you will enjoy!

The second book is The Most Fun We Ever Had by Claire Lombardo. Both these books are by authors I was unfamiliar with, but that I had purchased because they were in a two for one sale on Audible. I loved them both! They are very long and very good. The second one is about family relationships and how different kids raised in the same family have different perceptions of each other and their parents. Loved it!

Today is September First and I am happy to see the end of August this year. Someone commented to me the other day that they hadn't seen many photos from me on Facebook and I commented that it was just too hot, dry, smokey and depressing for me. Here's hoping for a better September, for us here in western ND and all those suffering through fires, hurricanes, floods and national politics. TTFN

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Sep 01, 2021

Loved your blog. I also love zoos especially with children along. I have not been thru the zoo in Fargo. Loved the one in San Diego.

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