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I'm In A Hurry

And I don't know why...even these clouds seemed to be in a hurry. I thought days were supposed to be longer when you retired! Ha! But I am glad, I guess. This probably means that I am busy and happy, right? So what have I been doing? First, life things, like cooking (so over it), cleaning (on my terms, just bought another robot), sewing (too many interruptions this past week), getting ready for my big Art Show and Sale (involves not knowing what the heck I am doing) and helping with the grandkids (DIL is gone this week for continuing ed classes).

Of course, I am scheduling some fun too, it just seems hard to fit it all in! Saturday I attended the 10th Annual "Wheat, Women and Wine" event in Beach sponsored by the Golden Valley County Soil Conservation District, Golden Valley/Billings County and the Natural Resources Conservation Service. I have not missed any of these events and the ladies who plan and organize never fail to deliver a wonderful women's day, full of learning, shopping, visiting, wining and dining!

We learned about the Norwegian word 'Hygge' from a great speaker, Nikki Darrington from Watford City. I will let you research it and her for yourself if you are interested in learning more. She definitely was an inspiration to get more organized.

Ashley Ueckert gave a lesson on using the instant pot more effectively and we did a fun craft involving empty (of course) wine bottles.

So this was my completed project - I think it's pretty cute....haha.

Our keynote speaker was Amy Dee who entertained and uplifted us with her funny and spirited observations on life as a busy middle aged woman. You can look her up on line too! She made me think of some of my "better moments," which maybe someday I may share on this blog. (Teaser)

The above is a quick cell phone shot as we were leaving the yard to move machinery last week. I am loving my new iPhone!

Here is a peek at some of the photos I plan to show/sell at my Art Show. I am still getting more ready, and I have ordered more calendars as well, so please, if you are coming to Cowboy Christmas in Medora on December 4, be sure to come to the basement of the Medora Community Center to see what Greta Nelson, Sherry Ziemann and I have to offer.

Just leaving for now with a couple more quick shots taken while helping move equipment last week. TTFN

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