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August was a drag, but September may be a flash!

August was hot, hot, hot and smokey, smokey, smokey. It was hard to get enthused about anything. But here it is September and September is already half gone! I am actually feeling a little panicky, thinking I need/want to hurry up and do so much!

I am working on my first quilt-as-you-go project and I am really enjoying it. It is not perfect, but as a sign on my wall that I got from Grandma Pearl says. “Only God is perfect, our quilts don’t need to be!” Here is a sneak peek at the unfinished as of yet project. I ran out of the black material and had to order more, so I am currently waiting for it to arrive.

I have been having ”Quinn’s Day” every Friday as she does not have preschool on Fridays. She says I am better than daycare or school, but maybe she is just buttering me up for more chocolate! Lately, we have gone to the wooden park in Medora, played PlayDoh, painted, drawn pictures, played in the sprinkler and dirt, watched some Disney Plus,and generally hung out and ate chocolate.

I got up before Sunrise last Saturday, hoping to photograph the hot air balloons in Medora, but the wind wasn’t right for them, so it was a bust. Here is one of my favorite photos from last year.

My sister was here and we met up with a fellow photographer friend and her husband and headed for the park instead. The old truck photo and other scenic that I am posting today, were taken on that little jaunt. It was beautiful for just a little bit, then it clouded up and spit a little rain.

I feel like I am outgrowing my coal bin hobby room, so am dreaming of rearranging and doing some painting down here in the basement. I have started by cleaning out some more closets, so I have more room to “store stuff.”

Another friend of mine, who is a wonderful artist, and I are working on plans for some sort of art show, perhaps at Cowboy Christmas in Medora, so stay tuned! I have just lately ordered a few prints and am working on getting them framed. I just learned that I should be able to make some of my own photo mats with my Cricut machine, on which I really need to sit down and really give myself some lessons!

Then Avery is playing basketball and she just had her twelfth birthday his week, so that involved some more “out and abouting!’ All great experiences and we are so lucky to be able to participate in our kids and grandkids lives. Many are denied they privilege due to distance and health,

This week I am the host for Bunco, so I will be busy planning my meal and dessert and getting all my dust bunnies gathered up and disposed of. If you have never played Bunco, I highly recommend it. It is great to get together with friends once a month and just play a completely fun and no skill involved game and eat someone else’s cooking! I think I will make an old favorite dessert that my Grandma used to make and that I love. You make a graham cracker crust and then blend 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1/2 cup of orange juice and a can of Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. To that mixture you add one cup of cream, whipped, pour into your graham cracker crust, then simply refrigerate and serve. Soooo good! (Kind of reminds me of cheese cake)

This is one of my photos I made into a print on metallic paper and framed with a white mat and copper frame. I am pretty happy with the result!

I think these two bison were just waking up and watching the sunrise last Saturday, too!

In less than two weeks, I am looking forward to my annual ladies’ Deadwood Weekend. A group of us (this year I believe we will be six of us) have been going to Deadwood for the weekend to hang out, laugh, visit, eat out, have some adult beverages, shop and just maybe hit a slot machine or two. I can’t believe that I was probably only 40 years old when we first started going! Now there are fewer of us and the last few years, I have been the driver, but I prefer driving to riding, so everyone is happy!

Almost forgot! Tomorrow September 19, is the annual Fall Event for the Badlands Bible Camp. This year it is at the camp with church services at 11 am and a wonderful BBQ chicken dinner after, followed by an auction and a silent auction. I always enjoy this event and try to go every year. Last year it was virtual due to Covid and this year, it will be held outdoors. Hope to see lots of friends there! TTFN

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