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Am I Cured?

Last weekend I went to Deadwood SD for our annual girls trip that some of us have been taking for over 30 years. This year there were only four of us, but hopefully numbers will be up again next year. It was a beautiful weekend; the weather was perfect, our rooms were nice, the food was great, there were lots of people and dogs to watch as it was their annual Octoberfest. Gambling sucked, and I picked up a bug - not in Deadwood. I brought it from my husband. I hardly ever get sick and my one little vacation for the year was not a great time to do it, but between feeling punk and not having any luck (I MEAN NONE!), currently, I am not sure if I will ever feel the same about gambling.

I am a once-a-year gambler, and I usually at least have fun losing my money, but this year the machines stubbornly took my money greedily and didn't even let me play. Plus, I had a few "favorite" machines that I used to look forward to playing, but they are all gone now. Oh well, guess it is time to grow up now that I am "retired!" I have a whole year to enjoy my "cure." We will see what next year brings.

I said the food was good - here is photo proof - not something I would eat, but my friend enjoyed it!

This is squash soup and stuffed mushrooms. If you know me very well, you know I do not eat either of these items, but was already feeling yucky so I had a slab of lettuce....and was happy for her,

It is raining here today! Lots! At least more than it has rained all year. I am sure everyone is excited and I am happy to be down here in my basement, blogging, quilting, cleaning and planning my next venture.

Speaking of ventures...I just received my 2022 North Dakota Skies Calendars that I am selling for $25 which includes tax and handling, Here is a photo of the cover and it features pictures emphasizing our beautiful ND skies and I chose what I hope are appropriate quotes to go with each photo. I am almost sold out which is so exciting to me, but I am hoping that I will "have" to reorder! So, if you would like one, just let me know and we can make arrangements to get one or more to you as soon as possible.

My next venture is to partner with an old friend, Greta Nelson, for an "Art" show in Medora. Greta does beautiful water color paintings and she has assured me that my photography is "art," so I guess we will take a shot at it. Stay tuned! We are meeting this next week to start working on details. I am also open to suggestions as to what photos people might like to see enlarged and framed or on a canvas.

As my parting shot, here is a view of the Little Missouri and its cottonwood trees as they are in their autumn splendor, taken only about two days ago. TTFN

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