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5 Below Zero

It was five below zero here this morning, but it is supposed to be in the forties by next weekend - gives us something to look forward to! Two weeks ago, it was in the 80’s here. Enough about the weather, but it does remind me of a story about myself and my ranching career. If you know me at all, you know God never really intended me to be a rancher, but I was forced into service when the kids grew up and left home.

One cold November afternoon, I discovered that a water tank (to water the cattle, for you non-ranchers) had a broken float (the thingy that shuts the water off so it doesn’t run over the top of the tank and waste water). I knew that it would be after dark before help (my husband) arrived, and hating those after dark adventures in the pasture with my husband (not romantic), I headed the three miles back home to see if I could find parts to fix it with.

Darn it! We had some! Well, the float connector thingy is in the very bottom of the water tank which had about three feet of icy water in it, so I also gathered some towels and headed back to the tank.

The only way I could see for a chubby grandma to remedy this situation was to strip from the waist down and crawl into the tank! OH. MY. GOD! I have never felt such cold! At first I didn’t move from the shock to my legs, then when I had to plunge my arms in, up I to the armpits to reach the float thingy, I froze again! I mean I stopped moving and breathing!! Then I told myself I had better hurry and that I was lucky no one was around to see naked grandma in the water tank in November except the cows!

Well, I did hurry, and I was successful in fixing the tank! Imagine, me! I did it! Anyway, I crawled out of the tank (grandma’s don’t “jump”), grabbed my towels and got into the pickup to get dressed.

This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it was a major accomplishment for a chubby grandma insurance agent!

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