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Welcome to Bobby's Bits

Naturally Curious

Welcome to Bobby's Bits, a unique blog here for you to explore. Bobby's Bits will add such value to my life, and I love having the opportunity to share my passions and thoughts with my loyal readers. Read on, and enjoy.

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"A state or period of inactivity, stagnation, or depression." Ya, Maybe. Fighting it hard and do not want to dwell on it, but I am more...

In Memoriam

A week has passed since Memorial Day, but today I was going through a box of old letters and photos and found a large batch of...

This and That

Spring is coming, but I think we are more behind here, south of Sentinel Butte, than anywhere else. It has just been so dry and cold! ...

In My Rearview Mirror

They say, "Hindsight is 20-20," but I am not so sure! As I begin my retirement "career," I have been very occupied, it seems, organizing...


I have been cleaning closets, drawers and file cabinets, lately, in anticipation of my "retirement." In one file cabinet, I found a...

Less is More

Or so this is what “organization experts” tell us! Pictured above is my dish rag/towel drawer, newly ”organized” and I am quite proud...

Life is a journey

As you grow older, you realize that you are on one big journey, or adventure, and you are the main character in your story. You are not...

Getting to Know You

This buck and doe seem to be getting ’acquainted!’ This is one of the goals I hope to accomplish with this blog of mine. I want to get...

2020 Is In The Past

We have thrown our calendars in the trash! (Unless they have my photos on them!) Now we start a new adventure. Will it be new goals or a...

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Thanks for your interest in Bobby's Bits. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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